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Acting as your talent partner we will work with you to ensure the most suited talent pools are tapped into and that every step of the acquisition process is managed and communicated in a professional and timely manner, from planning to recruit, to interviewing effectively, to correct selection, and finally management of the on boarding process and probation assessment.

Partnering with you to acquire talent in the following functions; Shared Services, Sales, Marketing and Technical positions across various industries.

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Extending our partnership further through ensuring your internal interview processes are effective, working with you on other methods of analyzing potential employees, such as assessment centres for Sales and Marketing and developing interview metrics to ensure you are choosing the right candidate for your requirement.

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CV Preparation

Your CV is the first representation of your experience and attributes that an employer sees, we can work with you to make sure that first impression has the most impact it can possibly have. If you need CV advice and guidance why not give one of our consultants a call to ask for assistance.



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Interview Preperation

After your CV has had its relevant impact its your turn to impress face to face, let us assist you in preparing to present yourself in the most professional way possible through our guide top tips for a successful interview. Contact us for more details.

Career Guidance

Are you looking for a change or seeking ideas on where to begin with your career, we can assist you in making sure you are looking at the right professions and opportunities to suit your personality and experience.

Role Fit Survey


Cut the Recruiting Life Cycle by 50%
Reduce Talent Acquisition Costs by 30% to 80%
Screen & Rank Unlimited Job Applicants for ANY JOB in <1 Minute
Written at a Grade 5 Reading Level; Only Takes 12 Minutes to Complete
Get Top Candidates in Front of Hiring Managers FASTER than Colleagues/Competitors
Stop Wasting Time & Money Screening Inappropriate Applicants
Works as a Stand Alone System AND With ANY ATS, Job Board or ERP
Cloud-based, Set Up An Account in <5 Minutes
No Training, Ongoing Professional Licensing or Certification Required
Talent Acquisition Decision Support at Your Finger Tips
Mine Applicant Data to Reduce Number of Job Postings
Flexible Pricing Options to Suit Your Individual/Organization’s Needs
Job specific (Matched against approx.1200 possible jobs)
Competency based against each jobs specific competency requirements On-line

We Have the Best Automated Applicant Screening & Rank Ordering Tool on the Market. We’ll prove it

with a FREE No Obligation 30 Day Trial – Unlimited Job Applicants, for one position. Why Wait? …

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Zawya Press Release


Dubai, UAE (source), May 16, 2012: 3H solutions group, a dubai based workforce optimization company, has signed a strategic alliance agreement with epic software corporation based in Toronto,Canada,epic software  corporation’s ASCENTII division has developed a cloud-based tool to screen and rank order an unlimited number of applicants for any job within 1 minute of a job competition closing. The assessment tool is called the rolefit surveytm and has been externally validated to be > 87% accurate more than 95% of the time at predicting how successful a specific applicant will be performing over 1,200 unique jobs.

The RoleFit SurveyTM system can be implemented within 15 minutes, requires no formal training to use, includes a complete inventory of competency-based job descriptions and can be used as a stand- alone system or in conjunction with any Applicant Tracking System; applicants can typically complete the online assessment in 10 – 12 minutes. The RoleFit SurveyTM provides organizations with the ability to make significantly better hiring decisions faster thereby reducing their initial recruiting costs as well as longer term employee turnover; EPIC Software Corporation guarantees a 100% Return On Investment within 6 months.

“We are pleased to announce our strategic alliance with EPIC Software Corporation (and its’ Ascentii Division). This alliance will enable businesses in the region to shorten their time to hire by between 30% and 50%, create competitive advantage for our clients and provide job seekers with the ability to enter or re-enter the workforce much faster. From a much larger perspective, this will create immediate, measurable and sustainable benefit for employers, job seekers and the economy.”

“Our strategic alliance with 3H Solutions Group is pivotal in providing organizations in The United Arab Emirates with the opportunity to reduce their recruiting and workforce optimization costs. We also have a broader suite of competency-based tools we will be phasing in over the next 12 months to assist other segments of the population, including a Career Assessment for school, college and university students – these are very exciting times.” said Mr. Gary L. Melling, President and CEO of EPIC Software Corporation.

Organizations interested in learning more about how Key Talent Matters can provide them with access to this time and cost saving solution can contact at 04 – 4470388 for more information.

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